David Zafirovic


Operations Coordinator

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David Zafirovic

David Zafirovic serves as Operations Coordinator for the entire portfolio at Resolution Capitol Management.

Having worked in management positions within the food service industry, David has made a career in being a clear communicator and being ready to assist with any task. David’s real estate & property management experience spans across leasing positions for 700-unit buildings, as well as managing Class-A residential properties in Bethesda, MD. His time in these roles have allowed him to understand the intricacies that go into property operations, as well as assist in vendor communication, accounting, contract management, and operations support.

Mr. Zafirovic’s skillset extends into IT and marketing, which allows him to assist with matters outside of tenant coordination within the company. David prides himself on being a multi-faceted asset to Resolution Capitol Management, striving to be as methodical and thorough as possible to help the company achieve all its financial and operational goals.

David is fluent in Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian, and runs/plays in multiple basketball leagues in his free time.